Visitors develop opinions of the websites they visit based on different aspects including the design, load speed, and its visuals among other elements. All these factors are determined by the e-commerce templates and themes that you adopt when developing your site. However, in most of the cases, many developers and website owners tend to make an uninformed decision that tends to have negative implications on the overall website. 

Here are some of the 4 things that many people neglect when choosing website themes and end up costing them greatly in the long run.

Visual appearance

The appearance of your e-commerce website can build or destroy your business. Often, one of the first things that visitors to your site see is its visual appeal. If it’s not appealing the chances of the visitors exiting without buying are high. Nevertheless, some people who start their online stores least consider how the stores look.

SEO features

Search engine optimization is an essential feature if your e-commerce site is to succeed. This is because such features help your site to rank high in major search engines and hence, can be accessed easily. In spite of this, some site owners do not consider the role of SEO in online selling. The lack of such consideration can have adverse impacts on your selling abilities since it will be hard to reach your customers.


The design of your e-commerce matters most in attracting as well as retaining visitors. Different themes for e-commerce website come with diverse designs. Not every design that you find online will align with your specific needs and industry demand. Ignoring the importance of design implies that you risk the having a website that has just any design instead of choosing the appropriate design based on your products.

Mobile compatibility

Many people nowadays are using mobile devices, and this makes them access and purchase items from the comfort of their mobile phones. The mobile-friendliness of your site is very important in the volume of sales that you make from your website. However, it is not a feature that many site owners and developers take into much consideration.

These four aspects are crucial for any website themes. Command your competitive edge by taking serious consideration in your site development to ensure that your site is mobile friendly, has a trendy and responsive design, has necessary SEO tools, as well as its appearance is attractive.